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Infection Control

The Pinnacle View
Volume I, Issue 22 11/21/2014
Nurse’s Nook
Infection Control

When talking about Universal Precautions, we generally are concerned about very serious illnesses like Aids and Hepatitis. However, Universal Precautions along with other practices can discourage the spread of all disease. Because we work with people who may be elderly, sick, disabled or who have compromised immune systems, we have a special responsibility to make sure we have taken all practical precautions. Regardless of where we live or work, the number one precaution you can take against getting sick is hand washing.

Use warm water:

  • Use liquid (Antimicrobial) Soap from a dispenser if available.
  • With proper rinsing-bar soap is fine for everyday applications.
  • Lather the soap for at least 20 seconds, a good rule of thumb is the lathering for the time it takes you to sing the Alphabet song from start to finish.
  • Scrub between your fingers, and use a small nail brush to clean under fingernails.
  • Beware of acrylic nails and polishes that can harbor bacteria.
  • Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door, discard it when you exit the room.
  • Germs can live a longtime on door handles, faucets and other hardware.
  • Dry with a paper towel. If the homes you work in haven’t already installed a paper towel rack in the bathroom, suggest it. This insures that everyone has a clean towel, every time and reduces the likelihood you’ll transfer germs.
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